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Welcome to my website.

I have been collecting diecast toys for many years and have built up a collection that has some rare examples , including the Museum quality Fab 1 that was authorised by Gerry Anderson to some of the rare issue Batmobiles and James Bond models. The models you see on this site are available for exchange or possible purchase.if you have something that you think would fit with my collection we could discuss an exchange. First and foremost I am a collector.  

Enjoy the site , Glenn


Just managed to get a set, the Models are mint, the box is Good but it has a repro inner, anyone with a original foam insert please contact me and we can work out a swap that suits you.



Gift Set 40 - Batmobile , Batcopter & Batboat

Dinky 620 Berliet Rocket Launcher

I finally found one with original rocket that has the fuel tanks & fin present.

The Glo Worm Dragster

One of the best MK1 Capri models ever made to trigger the imagination. I remember having doodles of this all over my maths book.


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